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Facing 5 yrs... not guilty

What Pat Smith accomplished for our son is beyond imagination. Our son had struggled throughout adolescence with emotional outbursts and depressions, requiring several hospitalizations. At age 18, our son was trying to terminate a contentious romantic involvement with the young woman. He ended up being charged with first-degree assault with a handgun facing a minimum five-year jail sentence.

His skillful cross-examination of the alleged victim led to our son's acquittal. But Pat Smith's work didn't stop there. While awaiting trial, he told our son that college was not for everyone, but there were other productive avenues. He had our son enroll in the electrician apprentice program at Montgomery College and got him employment with a local electrical contractor. He has now completed the three years of evening classes and will take the journeyman's license exam as soon as he has the required hours of employment.

Instead of serving five years in prison, our son is a productive taxpaying citizen with high self-esteem.

Thank you Pat Smith.

Montgomery Village, MD

3rd DWI... no jail

I am a self-supporting 32-year-old woman. Upon graduation from college, I had a decent government job. I got my first DWI @ age 22 and received the usual first offender Probation Before Judgment. I did not learn my lesson. Four years later I went over the center line and hit another vehicle head-on. That driver and myself sustained life threatening injuries, hospitalization and long rehabilitations. I spent nine months in jail.

After another five years and having successfully completed three years of probation without drinking, I started to hit the bar scene again. You guessed it, it didn't take long for me to get DWI number three. Fortunately, no one was injured.

I was referred to Attorney Pat Smith and he told me that the only way he would represent me was if I completely quit drinking. He told me I had two choices. One was to wear the SCAM bracelet, which electronically monitors alcohol consumption and costs $12 per day. The second was to enroll in a very intense Kolmac Clinic, which you attend three hours per day for the first 30 days, then three days a week for several months, then once a week for the balance of that year. I chose to Kolmac Clinic and have been sober for 26 months.

Pat Smith successfully delayed my case for five months, so then I had a significant report of recovery from the clinic. At the end of the fourth month, he did something very innovative and that I had never heard of in all the sessions I had sat through with other DWI offenders. He said I'm going to put you on electronic monitored home detention for this month preceding the court date. He referred me to a State Certified home detention service, which wasn't cheap. When the court date arrived at was armed with not only a successful recovery report from the clinic, but also proves that I could be monitored and respected to employment and recovery program only, without a single violation.

The prosecutor wanted 60 days in jail. Pat told the Judge that what would make more sense would be to keep me employed and in the recovery program by continuing me on home detention for an additional 90 days. That is a total of 120 days at the client's expense versus 60 days at the counties expense and another person unemployed. The Judge allowed me to do that and, I am happy to report, it's all been uphill ever since.

Gaithersburg, MD

Patrick Smith is a very dedicated and knowledgeable lawyer. He was very responsive to my request and knew all the right answers. He listened to all my questions and knew my case like the back of his hand. Not only that he was on the job within 48 hours at the court house demanding answers on my behalf. As a result my court date was delayed to give time for Patrick to collect the information which I was denied.

I was always kept informed of any new actions and always felt like his only client although I knew he had other cases at the time. The end result was clearance by the state of all which Patrick delivered himself. Now that is customer service!!!

I would recommend and use Patrick again.


Very professional and calming. Knowledgeable and direct about the matter. Accessible from the time I called until the settlement of my dilemma. Best choice for anyone who needs an attorney.


He was very accommodating and was very helpful, would hire again if I ever needed a lawyer in Md. Thanks Pat!!!


Mr. Smith was very polite and professional regarding my matter. I would definitely hire Mr. Smith or recommend him if needed... thank you for all you done. Mr.Smith also offered me the best price I could have found.


After deep searching for an attorney (I did not trust a single one because I was burnt by one before) I found and filled out the required information, Patrick Smith was the first to call me on a Sunday the exact date I filled in the application. We met that Sunday, yes he made time for me on his day off! He immediately earned my trust and respect. He listened and understood, he made me feel as if I knew him years ago and that he had my back. I am proud to say that he was able to get me a Judgement before probation which lasts 24 hours and I am free. No jail time, no points, I had to pay the court fine and fees but he also requested that I be given 30 days to pay my fines and the judge approved. Patrick is a fine Gentlemen with a big heart, a leader, friend and an amazing attorney. I would recommend him anytime. Thanks Pat and God bless!!


Patrick Smith was a phenomenal source of legal advice and definitely had plenty of experience in the court room. He ALWAYS answered any questions i had in a concise but understanding manner. he always knew what he was talking about and seemed to have good relations with the faculty of the court. his Exp. and ability is something that is well known by the officials in his district. i had a very nerve racking/frightening case, but pat took care of it properly and i walked out of the court room without a single charged pinned. Pat Smith was a very wise lawyer and i was happy that i got to work with him. i would recommend him to anyone in need of a prestigious attorney in the Pg county district.


I could not have made a better choice than hiring Mr. Smith to represent me with regard to my case. Once I posted my dilemma, many lawyers responded with various fees however, Mr. Smith was the only lawyer that actually asked about the case and gave me directions as what to do. On his own pulled my case and had my arrest warrant quashed even before I had paid him or legally signed off the case with payment. That goes a long way in relaying Mr. Smith's integrity and professionalism which was nothing less than spectacular on the court date when I was represented. I was actually an out of town client that had to travel back to Maryland to address my case and Mr. Smith comes with my highest recommendations and truly a credit to the legal community. You do not need to look further than his expertise thus, I am forever grateful to him and what he did for me.


Mr. Smith was an excellent find. He handled my case precisely and efficiently. I will definitely use his services again and again.