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Driving Under the Influence DUI/ DWI Defense in Maryland

We understand that no drunk driver gets behind the wheel with the intention to hurt themselves or anyone else on the road; however the consumption of alcohol can hinder your driving skills and accidents do occur. The State of Maryland prohibits driving under the influence when your blood alcohol concentration is at or above .07 in Maryland.

There are many complex DUI charges that can be made against you.  A DUI defense attorney in Rockville from the law group of Patrick J. Smith and Associates is here to help defend you in court and the MVA. No matter how minor your case may be, you should always have the top representation at your side. Our attorneys can provide the legal advice you need and a forceful courtroom defense to avoid jail time, a reduction in fines and points.

Driving Under the Influence and Driving While Impaired

A DUI conviction has both legal and administrative consequences. The Motor Vehicle Administration of Maryland suspends an offender's license almost immediately after being arrested for DUI or DWI regardless if you have yet to be prosecuted.

Although DUI convictions may be severe in penalties, driving while impaired (DWI) is not to be taken lightly. First-time DWI offenders may be charged and carry out a sentence of 2 months in jail, eight points against your driving record, license suspension and a $500 fine. Our dedicated DUI attorneys are experienced in traffic offenses and will help you develop the best strategy to reduce and possibly eliminate these charges altogether.

Top DWI/DUI Defense Attorneys

Charged with a driving accident under the influence or receiving a citation for a DUI in Maryland is serious, and if you refuse to test for drugs and alcohol, you can lose your license for a minimum of 120 days. An experienced DUI attorney has the knowledge and background to help you gather accurate information about your experience on the day of the incident and help you develop the best legal defense possible. After careful evaluation of your case, our DUI defense attorneys carefully explain each trial strategy to properly defend you in court, regardless of your circumstances.

Consult with a Defense Attorney Immediately

If you are looking for a strong criminal defense attorney in Rockville, do not hesitate to take action the same day you are accused of driving under the influence or driving while impaired. Whether it is your first offense or 5th DUI, we have licensed attorneys available to help and tend to your legal needs and get you back on the road quickly. Meet with our criminal defense attorneys in Rockville for a free consultation.