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DUI Manslaughter & DUI Serious Bodily Injury Rockville

Being arrested and convicted for driving under the influence is a criminal offense and can be a devastating experience for any Maryland driver. However, it does not have to ruin your life forever. The main reason why DUI is a serious offense, other than harming yourself or property is because of the increased risk of causing serious bodily harm or death to others. In Maryland, you are considered to have a violation if you are tested for a blood alcohol level of the following:

  • Driving While Impaired - .07% to .10% within two hours of driving a vehicle

  • Driving Under the Influence - .10% and above within two hours of driving a vehicle

  • Minor - The driver is under 21 with .02% or higher

  • Controlled Substances - Any measurable amount of controlled drugs, noxious substances, or solvents in a driver’s blood

  • Interlock Device - If you get .15% or above, you will have to put the interlock on the vehicle within 30 days and it will remain on your vehicle for 1 year

For any such instance it is imperative that a DUI attorney be reached to review and strategize the best defense for your case.

DUI Manslaughter

DUI manslaughter in Maryland can be classified as voluntary manslaughter or involuntary manslaughter. The difference between these two is how reckless the driver’s actions were during the incident. If a driver violates traffic laws while intoxicated and causes death to another, then they may be charged with involuntary manslaughter. Whereas, if the opposite occurs, driving extremely reckless voluntary manslaughter may be labeled to your charge and you could face severe fines, jail time and license revocation.

DUI Serious Bodily Injury

Serious bodily injuries indicates that a person committed a substantial risk of death or caused permanent disfigurement; loss of a bodily function or organ to another person. If a driver is arrested for DUI serious bodily injury, the offense can be upgraded to a second-degree felony, punishable for up to 2 years of imprisonment and hefty fines as much as $3,000.

Role of the Rockville DUI Attorney

As an attorney, it is our job to help you build the best defense possible, whether your actions caused serious bodily injury or death. For an attorney to build the best defense we will review all of the scientific elements behind your DUI case and with our knowledge and background in working on DUI defense we will determine the best strategy to present your case for the minimum amount of punishment, or none at all.

Learn About Your DUI Defense Options

As the law stands in Maryland, my DUI defense advice is to obtain an experienced criminal defense attorney from Patrick J. Smith & Associates as early as possible. We will do our best to help you preserve appropriate evidence, assemble solid group experts and manage your case to achieve the most successful results possible. Contact your Rockville DUI attorneys online or call our office to schedule a free consultation at (301) 294-0250.