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Driving Without a License Maryland Traffic Defense Attorney

As most drivers in Maryland and throughout America understand that driving without a driver’s license is a criminal offense. Driving without a valid driver’s license in your possession may appear to be minor charge, but it is a misdemeanor in the eyes of the law and could mean jail time if you are convicted. In fact, most drivers are unaware that the act of driving without a license is likely to appear on a background check whenever you apply for a new job. This is why it is imperative to hire an experienced Rockville criminal defense attorney who is capable of assisting you in reducing charges to a simple infraction or to have your case completely dismissed.

Maryland law requires that new residents of Maryland must obtain a driver’s license within the first 60 days of being in the state. There are many important exceptions to state’s requirements that the Maryland Motor Vehicle Administration provides regarding license requirements.

Driving Without a License Penalties

In Maryland, driving without a license is a rather unspecific charge to proclaim against a driver, meaning that a prosecutor can charge your case as a misdemeanor or infraction. A motorist’s driving history is the main issue considered in determining whether to charge the violation as a misdemeanor. Typically, first-time offenders are charged with infractions and do not place any criminal violations on your criminal record. The usual charges for driving without a license may be applied as follows:

  • First-time Offense – Fined up to $500 and jail sentence up to 60 days.

  • Repeat Offenders – Fined up to $500 and jail sentence up to 12 months.

  • Car Impoundment up to 30 days

  • Penalized 5 points on any offense

Even drivers who do not have a license can have difficulty obtaining or keeping a license in the future.

Undocumented Immigrants and Drivers without a License

As commuters realize, it is difficult to get to work or school if you do not drive, so you may be more inclined to take the risk and drive without a license. Therefore, the option for reducing a misdemeanor to an infraction may be difficult but it is not unlikely without an experienced Rockville defense attorney. It is important to have this charge reduced or dismissed.

Building Your Defense

Drivers without a license may find that their chances are difficult to present a great defense for themselves in court. At our criminal defense attorney’s office we move quickly to try and suppress all of the evidence against you. Just like any traffic offense in Maryland, the initial traffic stop must be legal from the police officer’s stance. This means that police officers must have a “Reasonable Suspicion” that a traffic violation has occurred. If the traffic stop was illegal, then your case may be dismissed.

The best defense, however, is promptly applying for a valid driver’s license. Other potential defenses include the driver being unaware of driving on a suspended license, driving with a license that was believed to be valid in another state, driving on a revoked license, or driving without a license due to an extreme emergency.

Rockville Criminal Defense Attorney

There are many possible defenses to the charge of driving your vehicle without a license. Maryland motorists should not be alarmed. A Rockville criminal defense attorney can help you determine the best solution for your traffic violations and charges. I will be honest and help Maryland motorists define their best options in winning the case, and have their charges reduced to an infraction or dismissed. Contact our office online or reach us directly by calling (301) 294-0250.